4 Natural Ways to Combat Dry Skin

Dry skin is a plague that affects many people across the world. Whether the cause is your environment, your hygiene habits, or something more medical such as atopic dermatitis disease (also known as eczema), these tips will be helpful for you. Use them to avoid the obnoxious symptoms of dry skin like itching, flaking, and sometimes even open wounds. Avoid Showering or Bathing Too Frequently. When you go for a bath or shower, you are washing away the oils your skin produces naturally. This can lead to skin drying out and becoming paper-like. Especially if you use a harsh cleanser, this can be one of the most frequent causes of dry skin. To combat this cause, change your shower schedule to every other day rather than every day and keep them under 10 minutes. For an extra tip, when you dry off after your shower makes sure to pay rather than rub yourself dry. This will keep you from using too much pressure which, again, can sap your skin’s natural oils. Adjust Your Skincare Routine to the Weather. Seasons like fall and winter tend to dry things out, and your skin is no exception. If it’s a particularly dry day you may want to apply extra moisturizer or lotion to spots that tend to get very dry. Avoid the temptation to use wool clothing during these seasons as well, there will be more information on that in tip number four. Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Nutrients. A common cause of dry skin that many people don’t think about is malnutrition. Vitamin A deficiency especially affects the skin’s dryness. To combat this cause, consider taking over-the-counter supplements or start implementing more vitamin A-rich foods into your diets such as carrots, broccoli, cantaloupe, and squash. Diet plays a big part in your skin’s health.
Switch Up Your Clothing. Here’s an excuse to go clothes shopping, wool clothing is a major contributor to dry skin development. Changing your wardrobe to include more cotton and natural fiber clothing will do wonders for your skin as these fabrics are more breathable and don’t wick the oils from your skin’s surface. Dry skin leads to itching, flaking, and sometimes even open wounds. Don’t just treat the symptoms, treat the root of the problem: dry skin. These simple solutions will help you keep your body’s natural oils in balance so that you can end the war against dry skin.

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