A Quick Guide to Summertime Skin Care

During the warm summer months, it is important to take care of your skin for several reasons. For one thing, you will likely wear clothing that reveals more skin, so it should look its best. Another reason is that sun exposure during the summer can damage skin, often without your realizing it. Summer heat can also dry out the moisture in the skin, leaving it looking dry and ashy. Here are a few quick tips to give your skin quality care.

Sun Protection

One of the most important things you can do to protect your skin is to avoid prolonged direct sun exposure. Try to enjoy sun and fresh air during the morning and evening hours. If you must be out during peak sunlight, usually between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., apply sunscreen and wear sun-protective clothing, typically white lightweight clothes.

If you spot any new moles or changes in existing moles, schedule an exam at a dermatology office to make sure they are not precancerous or cancerous.


Keep your skin clean and clear by washing it twice a day with fresh water. You can use mild soap and lather gently to open up the pores and remove sweat, dust, and bacteria. You don’t need to scrub your skin harshly but just wipe it carefully to remove residual grime and makeup worn during the day. Avoid going to bed without washing your face, as the substances on your skin can seep into your pillow and bed sheets and continue to pollute your face and body while you sleep.


Although most people perspire in the summer more than at other times of the year, skin can become dry due to the heat. Choose a light moisturizer that won’t cause your skin to become too oily and break out. A lightweight moisturizing cream or lotion can help to keep your face and body supple and prevent dry lines and wrinkles from developing. Don’t forget to moisturize your legs and feet, as they are especially prone to dryness when you walk around with legs uncovered in open-top footwear or go barefoot.

After-Swim Care

If you spend time swimming in a pool or lake, or if you enjoy other water sports like water skiing or wading, take a quick shower to rinse off afterward. You will want to remove pool chlorine and other chemicals from your skin as well as any freshwater bacteria or algae that may be clinging to your body. You can take a regular shower or bath at home.

Summer care is essential for healthy, attractive skin. Follow tips like these to keep your skin looking great

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