About Gayle

Gayle Buchan is the owner and director of Positive Achievements Hypnosis Center in Livonia, Michigan. She is a graduate of the American Academy of Hypnosis along with Ericksonian therapy. In college, Gayle majored in Psychology and Social Work. She is a member of the National Society of Hypnotherapists and also Association to Advance Ethical Hypnosis.

Gayle has also taught at the American Academy of Hypnosis, Schoolcraft College and various adult education programs. Gayle is active in educating the public in the field of hypnotherapy and holistic living. She has been practicing in this field for 40 years.

She specializes in anxiety disorders, stress management, and living holistically. Hypnotherapy and holistic healing can address many issues, physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual.

The following represents a portion of what can be achieved with hypnosis and living healthy.

Enhance Self-image – Confidence and Self Esteem – Conquer Addictions – Overcome Fears and Phobias – Relieve Stress, Anxiety, Nervousness, and Trauma – Enhance Relaxation – Alleviate Depression, Anger, Guilt, and Grief – Improve Memory, Concentration, Attention, Motivation, Study Habits, and Test results – Improve sports performance – Improve Academic Skills – Dream Interpretation – Retrieve Repressed Memories – Alleviate Childhood Trauma – A Positive Attitude – A Better Self-image.