Aromatherapy Skin Care Product

Aromatherapy Skin Care Product

The most enduring of human senses is the scent. There’s no doubt about it. It has the power to transform our emotions and heal our bodies. Scent especially comes into play when it comes to aromatherapy. An ancient art, aromatherapy has been practiced by people for nearly 6,000 years. The Chinese were credited to have been the first cultured people to employ aromatherapy by infusing essential oils from plants and herbs into incense sticks. Later, the Egyptians invented perhaps the first distillation machine, and their knowledge of aromatherapy and aromatic baths was soon passed on to the Greeks and the Romans.

Today, aromatherapy is mostly associated with alternative medicine and holistic healing. Aromatherapy skincare products are used widely by both men and women. They are added in baths to help cleanse the skin while soaking in the relaxing hot water. Aromatherapy skincare products are also used as lotions or moisturizers, soothing the skin while at the same time offering therapeutic benefits through the power of scent.

The essential oils found in aromatherapy skincare products play a significant role in skin and hair care. Their natural healing properties allow them to effectively assist in treatment for everything from bruises to dandruff. However, when you use aromatherapy skincare products, there are some factors to consider.

Purchasing Tips

When using aromatherapy skincare products to moisturize the skin, simply add a few drops of essential oil to a carrier oil such as Jojoba. By the way, there are several types of materials used in aromatherapy. These are essential oils, carrier oils, CO2s, hydrosols or floral waters, infused oils, and more.

Another good tip in aromatherapy skincare products is to purchase fragrance and lanolin-free creams or lotions. This is so that you can create your own aromatherapy skincare products by adding just a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Lanolin and fragrance in aromatherapy skincare products that you purchase may affect the natural scent of essential oils.

Blending Tips

Speaking of creating your own aromatherapy skincare product, the most interesting aspect of aromatherapy you ought to look into is blending. The key to developing or blending your own aromatherapy skincare product is to determine what you want them to do. Are you trying to get rid of cellulite? If so, then add some lemon oil to your aromatherapy skincare product. There are several other oils you may consider. For instance, patchouli added to aromatherapy skincare products will help get rid of at least minimize the appearance of scar tissue.


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