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In “Prepare For Reopening,” I described why you’re not a helpless victim of a potential viral attack but empowered patients who can be very proactive about preparing your body, mind, heart, and soul for the risks of reopening, whenever that happens in your community. In “You Need More Than Mental Intelligence To Get Through A Pandemic,” I offered a primer for learning to rely upon not just your smart brain, but also your other three Whole Health Intelligence—your intuitive intelligence, your emotional intelligence, and your somatic intelligence. In today’s blog, we’ll be focusing on some practical resources to help you build your Inner Shield as the Outer Shields of lockdown begin to loosen.

As reopening unfolds, you will be free to make your individual choice about whether you venture out of your home or whether you choose to stay socially isolated voluntarily. If you do choose to start venturing out more, as advised by your local public health officials and government leaders, now more than ever, we must take back our power and bolster an Inner Shield to optimize resilience should you get exposed to the coronavirus, which experts estimate will happen for 60–70% of us.

While these statistics might scare parts of you, my gentle invitation is to also let them motivate you to make radical lifestyle changes. Maybe your health has not been a priority to you—until now. While taking care of your scared parts, consider letting this pandemic kick-in-the-pants shows you how necessary it is to focus on preventive health, not just to prevent getting taken out by this virus, but to prevent heart disease, cancer, stroke, autoimmune disease, and other life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

Now is the time to implement EVERYTHING we’ve learned about how to stay healthy and fend off risks to individual and public health—beyond Outer Shield measures. Frankly, I don’t understand why the WHO, CDC, and other public health organizations have failed to educate the public about all the proven ways you can prepare your body to be more resilient in the face of a pandemic. Why there is not a word on these public health websites about food as medicine, holistic prevention and treatment options, meditation and prayer as medicine, proven alternative health modalities, and the role of trauma healing and energy healing in optimizing health is lost on me. I have to assume it’s pure ignorance on the part of our public health issues because the only other conclusion would be too evil—that political and financial conflicts of interest are causing our public health officials to cover up less expensive holistic tools that can’t be patented and profited from.

To give them the benefit of some huge doubt, let’s assume our public health organizations are just floridly ignorant—which is why we need to educate each other—since they’re failing to do so. Everyone says, “Trust the science,” but we have very clear science proving the health benefits of many nutritional interventions, supplements, herbs, and alternative treatments, mind-body interventions, and other holistic treatments. Concerns about corruption inside our institutions aside, YOU have the right, privilege, and responsibility to cultivate an Inner Shield so that if you are exposed to the virus upon reopening, you are less likely to become infected or disabled by the virus should you get it. Cultivating an Inner Shield is not just about keeping you healthy and alive. It’s as important to public health and the collective response to this pandemic as lockdown, face masks, social distancing, and hand washing. So please—for the good of yourself and your family—do your part, and share this with others so they can do theirs. The rest of these resources are meant to help you understand how to be proactive about preparing for reopening by cultivating this Inner Shield. Some are evidence-based, and some are too experimental to have science behind them, so I advise you to do your own homework and call upon your four Whole Health Intelligences to decide what would work best for you. If in doubt, try muscle-testing as a way to assess what your body most wants. (Learn the intricacies about how to perform an optimally accurate muscle test here.)

Resources For Preparing your Inner Shield

How To Shield Yourself Against Covid-19. I highly recommend my friend and colleague Cynthia Li’s free ebook How To Shield Yourself Against Covid-19, which focuses primarily on mainstream wellness behaviors—nutrition, supplements, exercise, mindfulness, exposure to nature, and sleep hygiene. I endorse what Cynthia recommends, and because she covered this material so thoroughly, I didn’t repeat these recommendations in the ebook I put out.

Prepare Your Inner Shield Through Sacred Medicine. While Cynthia Li’s book focuses more on integrative and functional medicine, my free ebook The Corona Cocoon: Emergency Sacred Medicine Resources focuses more on the emotional, psychological, energetic, and spiritual healing tools you can use to prepare for reopening. We know that trauma—personal and collective—impacts the physical health of the body, so now more than ever, clearing blocks in the energy system caused by stuck emotions, past traumas, and disconnection from Source energy is needed as urgent preventive medicine and treatment should you get Covid-19. Most of the resources listed in this ebook are free and available to the public, so please review these recommendations.

Join The Healing Soul Tribe community. Your first month is free until June 7, so sign up for a free trial here and get free 30-day access to our entire archive of Whole Health tools. This is a community of practice for the Six Steps To Healing Yourself from the revised edition of Mind Over Medicine, as well as a place to belong, to commune, to meditate and pray, to heal trauma, and to learn about Whole Health together. In this ongoing community, I’m releasing cutting edge tools for healing from Covid-19, cancer, chronic illness, chronic pain, trauma, and mental health issues every month. We’re also engaging in community healing, such as the Whole Health Green Juice Cleanse and many Sacred Medicine tools. It’s in this community that people in recovery from illness, injury, or trauma come together to keep abreast on how to tune into all four Whole Health Intelligences, as well as get access to many tools from the world’s medicine bag that most conventional medicine doctors are never trained to prescribe.

Cleanse Your Body As We Prepare For Reopening. In the Healing Soul Tribe, we are cleansing together, using the Whole Health Green Juice Cleanse created by Tricia Barrett and me, back when I was still practicing in my integrative medicine clinic. This do-it-yourself nutritional cleanse not only detoxes your body; it also drenches your cells with superfoods and makes your body optimally resilient to fend off or treat infectious diseases or other chronic illnesses. Green juice cleansing isn’t for everyone, though, especially if you’re prone to eating disorders or your health is very fragile. To determine whether green juice cleansing would help you, filter it through your four bits of intelligence and run it by your doctor. To cleanse on your own, join the Healing Soul Tribe and do the Whole Health Green Juice Cleanse, or read Kris Carr’s blog at or her book Crazy Sexy Diet for lots of juicing and cleansing options.

Be Part of Evolving Science With A Possible Novel Covid-19 Cure. Maverick scientist and energy healer William Bengston, Ph.D., whose work is featured in two chapters of my upcoming book Sacred Medicine, is in cahoots with Dr. John McMichael at Beech Tree Labs, testing a new anti-viral called TML as a treatment for Covid-19. John is seeking FDA approval for this anti-viral, which has already been FDA approved for treating the herpes virus. Anti-viral drugs have also been used to treat Ebola. So far, they’re early in their clinical trial. They’ve treated 35 COVID patients, and all 35 got better within 48 hours, but long term results are still pending. If you or someone you know needs treatment, email Bill Bengston directly at and put “Need TML” in the subject line. (Disclaimer: This is an experimental alternative anti-viral which has trace doses of mercury in the form of the controversial thimerosal found in vaccines. The thimerosal has been homeopathically diluted into basically nothing but water, which has been charged energetically, but it does start with just the smallest dose of a mercury solution. When asked why this is necessary, inventor John McMichael, who essentially “downloaded” this cure using his intuitive intelligence, John said it’s a necessary and inescapable part of the treatment. These pure scientists are not looking to make money off this—and they want to get it to anyone who might need it, so feel free to reach out if you or your loved ones are sick. If you’re allergic to ingesting something still in experimental phases, which once had trace doses of mercury, please don’t email Bill. But if you filter this through your four bits of intelligence and sense that it’s something you want to try, email Bill.)

Get Treated Energetically With A “Frequency” For Covid-19. Sound is well known throughout medical history to impact the human body. You can try using these free “Corona frequencies,” which as far as I know have not been scientifically tested, but seems harmless. If you want a deeper dive, Sacred Medicine practitioner Clardy Malugen is developing some energetic treatments that have not yet been scientifically studied. You can learn more about Clardy’s offerings here and here.

Practice Energy Psychology, Internal Family Systems (IFS), And Meditation. Just to reiterate what I say in great detail in The Corona Cocoon, in addition to preparing your body with healthy foods and behaviors, preparing your energy field and your mental/emotional health for reopening could make the difference between whether you get the coronavirus, become one of the many asymptomatic carriers, or become disabled with severe symptoms or even death. This is no joke, and it really could help. So in case you’ve been on the fence about starting a meditation practice or starting therapy to heal trauma, now is the time!

Okay, folks, that’s all I’ve got for now, but I’m updating the Healing Soul Tribe community as we learn more about how to prevent and treat this mysterious novel illness, as well as other chronic and life-threatening illnesses like cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and the depression and anxiety that can result from unhealed trauma.

Join us in Healing Soul Tribe here for a free trial and get unlimited access to all the healing resources we’ve been offering only to the Healing Soul Tribe since 2017. We’d love to have your company as we all practice using our four Whole Health Intelligence to navigate our uncertain future with open hearts, wise minds, free-flowing emotions, bodies that guide us, and the safety to be authentic, loving, and free to express whatever arises without fear of getting demonized, judged, attacked, or shut down. In times like this, we need one another, so let us come together and get through this in community.


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