Do you try to make changes in your life but can never succeed thus making changing behavior difficult. Maybe you want to stop smoking, lose weight, exercise, eat healthier, or stop procrastinating. You do well for a few weeks but your motivation diminishes and you end up back where you started.  Eventually, you give up and ask yourself, “Why can’t I succeed in making positive changes?”

Don’t blame yourself. Its the battle between your CONSCIOUS mind and your SUBCONSCIOUS mind that can be causing your failure, making changing behavior difficult. Your conscious “thinking” mind wants to make the change but your subconscious mind, that is like a programed computer, don’t because it’s been programmed by repetition to remain the same. The subconscious mind will always win the battle. The best way to make a permanent change is by repetitions of positive affirmations. Hypnotherapy can speed this up because it works with the subconscious mind and can help reprogram the subconscious at the “root” level.

These are a few principles of change that can help you.

  1. The belief that you “CAN” change is the key.  Believing you can change encourages the process and enhances the likelihood of success.
  2. The type of treatment isn’t critical than your commitment to change with your own values and preferences.
  3. Brief treatment can change habits.  It’s not the duration of the treatment but rather its ability to inspire continued efforts in that direction.
  4. Life skills can be the key to licking addiction.  All addictions are not equal.  Developing life skills to handle life stresses is needed for those debilitated by addiction.
  5. Repeated efforts are critical to change.  Change is not “instant”.  It usually takes multiple efforts continuing with follow up care allows you to keep your focus on the change goals. Eventually, you will achieve them. Believe in yourself and tell yourself everyday ” I can do this!”
  6. Improvement without abstinence counts. You do not usually succeed all at once.  But you can show significant improvements and all improvements should be accepted and rewarded.  It is counterproductive to stop therapy or stop trying for not completely succeeding.

Change is the hardest thing for a person to do, even when it makes your life better.  For example, staying in an abusive relationship when you know you should get out.

If you follow these suggestions and focus on what you WANT instead of what you DON’T WANT, you will reap the benefits of all your hard work.


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