Toxin overload can make you feel tired and dragged out but is detox necessary to stay healthy?

We meet toxins every day of our life.  We ingest contaminants from industrial waste, like clothing and walls that emit waste, formaldehyde. We also breathe in carbon monoxide from our cars.  If u add in all the household cleaner we use, you can understand how we can get toxic overload.  Detoxing is a good way to get all poisons out of our bodies. out   But is detoxing really necessary.

Do you suffer from headaches, pain or fatigue? Do you overeat especially fast foods?  How about the amount of fried food and sugary drinks you consume?  Smokin, caffeinated drinks, recreational drugs, and alcohol all put toxins in our body.

Our body has detoxification organs and channels that clean out harmful substances and eliminate toxins. These include the liver, lungs, kidneys, lymph nodes, blood, and skin.

The LIVER is the body’s main detox channel and is the biggest internal organ. It eliminates environmental contaminants. Signs you need a liver detox are fatigue, weight loss, itchiness.  Milk thistle helps the liver detox and is also good for fatty liver, detox hepatitis, cirrhosis, ischemic injury, and radiation therapy.

After the liver, the COLON is the second most important channel of detoxification in the body. The colon collects waste from the digestive tract. Constipation and diarrhea are signs your colon needs detoxing.  If toxins sit too long in the colon toxins that were supposed to be disposed of and reabsorbed back into the body.  To detox your colon eat more high fiber foods like oatmeal, whole grains, and fibrous vegetables. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that line the digestive tract that helps boost colon function.  Probiotics help the body absorb important like the B vitamin.

A whole body cleanse can help turn around feelings of being stalled or stagnant. A whole body cleanse includes fasting and juice. During a 24hr. fast make sure you drink plenty of water, 8 to 10 8oz glasses day, and watered down juice to stimulate cleansing.  Add 8oz of water, 2 T lemon or lime juice, 1T maple syrup, and a pinch of cayenne pepper when breaking the fast, eat moderately, slowly and chew thoroughly.  The best time to detox is Spring and Fall.

Remember it is important to check with your health care provider before beginning any diet or supplement regimen.

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