Functional medicine is much like holistic medicine. They both seek to identify where the breach in the immune system occurred that in time leads to disease. It focuses on the “whole person”. Functional practitioners seek the “causes” of the illness rather than treat the symptoms. Functional medicine not only uses just conventional testing but also tests on blood, saliva, urine, hair and stool.

Medical science did not have advanced technology 25 yrs. ago to perform the research that now help to better understand the complexity of chronic illness. Today medicine is examining how all the networks of our biology intersect that creates health when in balance or disease when out of balance.

Functional practitioners are knowledgeable about the study of how our environment impacts genetic expression. This is why genetic testing is important so they can better understand the bodies ability to methylate (fixing genes in the off position) and detox. They learn how DNA impacts biochemistry and will identify mutations to try and over-ride them through supplementation, which sets the stage for healing to occur. Our genes do not tell us how we are going to die, they tell us how we should live. Understanding how our genes can help us live into the hundreds, and be functional and healthy is the goal.

Diseases are just names for symptoms. They don’t tell us how the person got afflicted.  Each person has variations that triggered getting the disease.  It isn’t wise to treat each individual the same, but better to treat those factors that are specific to the patient.

In functional medicine much attention is placed on gastrointestinal health.  The gut is our second brain. There are actually brain cells in our gut, thus the statement, “Always follow your gut feelings.” Actually 85% of the immune system is in the gut and when a breach occurs in this system its only a matter of time until a decline in health follows.

Unfortunately, traditional medicine in the United States does not put a great deal of attention to the root cause of disease.  They instead put more effort to treating the symptoms and collateral damage caused by the imbalance.

Functional medicine providers spend a lot of time with their patients so they can best understand their needs and the testing to perform to uncover the root of the cause of the disease.  They are like health detectives, looking for clues that help put the pieces of the puzzle together and treat the patients body, mind, and spirit. Functional medicine is taking root in medical institutions such as the Cleveland Clinic.

Functional, Alternative, and Naturopathic medicine is a must for everyone who wants optical health. The root cause is eliminated by decreasing inflammation, healing the gut, removing food sensitivities, reducing the overall toxic burden, and making lifestyle changes and addressing the emotions that drives our choices.  This empowers the patient to heal themselves. When you remove the obstacles for the cure, the body miraculously starts functioning again.

To make a decision on what is best for yourself remember a few factors:                                                    1.  Are you looking for a passive approach that your insurance covers, or are you wiling to invest in yourself to get to the root cause of your health problems.                                                                                2.  If you take medication and don’t have optimal health, the Functional, Holistic, Naturopathic or Alternative medicine can be helpful.




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