Healthy Home – Healthy You

Healthy Home, Healthy You – 6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Healthy

Our home is a place where we spend most of our time. Especially during the pandemic, we’re being advised to stay home as much as we can and keep our distance. That’s why we should take the right steps to ensure we spend our time in a healthy environment. Consider this as your latest project and take the following steps.

Analyze your cleaning habits first

Keeping your home clean and neat is the first step to better health at home. You should find the best rhythm for you to clean your home regularly. Of course, this doesn’t mean that your home should be sanitized like it’s an OR. It means that you should pay attention to how and how often you clean your home. Clutter can be in the way of your cleanliness, so try to reduce it as much as possible. Pay special attention to cleaning every surface you use because COVID-19 can stay on these even a few days.

Reduce harmful chemicals

Harmful chemicals found in cleaning products can cause a range of health issues because you will breathe it in while you clean. Baking soda, vinegar, and lemon are also effective if you know how to use and apply them in your cleaning routine. This can be your ned decision for the rest of 2020 – learn how to use DIY cleaning products.  If you can’t switch to eco-friendly cleaning supplies because you’re afraid they won’t be as effective, do one last thorough clean with your regular products. It might be easier for you to maintain the levels of cleanliness afterward with green cleaning products.

Reduce the amount of artificial light

Light pollution is an issue as well because it can disrupt your natural sleeping pattern. We’re constantly under the influence of blue light emitted by devices around us. In order to have healthy sleep, we have to let our bodies produce melatonin by reducing the amount of light we’re exposed to. Another aspect of light pollution is the harmful effect of artificial light on the environment. Aim to turn off additional light sources when you don’t need them. Switch to LED lights to help the environment and also reduce your electricity bill.

Eliminate dust

If your allergies keep acting up when you spend all this time in your home, you need to deal with dust. Dusting every day is not the ultimate solution, because there’ll always be dust. You simply can’t eliminate every particle of dust. You can’t eliminate that. But, dusting on a regular basis will definitely reduce the amount of dust in your home. Remember to vacuum every time you dust your surfaces to achieve the full effect.

Furthermore, you should vacuum your furniture as well because the fabric also sucks in all the dust. Also, you can reduce the number of those objects that attract dust. For example, heavy curtains that attract dust can be replaced with stylish roller blinds that are easy to use and efficient. These are made of thin but sturdy fabric that won’t attract dust.

Sunlight is your ally

Did you know that sunlight can kill germs and bacteria? Well, now you do. The simple act of taking out your pillows, mattress, bedspread, and letting it sit under the direct sunlight for a few hours can improve the quality of your life. This activity will kill all dust mites, dry out the surface, reduce odor and make it nice and fluffy. You should also let the natural light in your home as much as you can and achieve the same effect. Keep your windows clean and your blinds open during the day so that your home will benefit from sunlight, kill bacteria, and improve your mood.

Use plants as your therapy

Having plants in your home is one of the easiest ways to make it healthier and vibrant. Not only will household plants improve air quality, but they will also affect your mood in a positive way. If you’re one of those people who go out only when they have to, a dash of greenery in your home will make this stay-at-home period easier and livelier. Do some research and pick those plants that bring a lot of health benefits to your home. Also, look for those that are easily taken care of like ZZ plants or snake plants.

It’s up to us to change our environment and make it a safe place for us to thrive and stay healthy. We should take care of our home just like we take care of ourselves. Once we do this, we will thrive in such an environment.

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