Holistic Approach Of Shiatsu Massage

The Holistic Approach Of Shiatsu Massage

With the constant battle, we have to make through each day, living life with less stress seems to be a futile effort despite the calm and ease efforts we try to apply. As a result, it makes it even more exhausting and tiring for us at each end of the day. But thinking more at it, you might not consider that it might be for something else. Maybe, all you need is a good, soothing massage, for instance, a shiatsu massage, to alleviate the discomfort that your body and mind have been suffering all those days.

A shiatsu massage is a holistic approach to countering the effects of the hard days’ stress and exhaustion. Why it is holistic? It is because it focuses not only on the body but the mind and spirit as well. It is not a mere massage method that we are talking about but its ability to reach through your mind and spirit so that at the end of each session you feel emotionally, mentally, and spiritually relieved. And when you feel this way, it is automatically conveyed to your physical aspect so that everything becomes lighter and easier for you to go through each day’s stressful experience.

In contrast with the principle of the western medical system, which we knew treats symptoms; the shiatsu massage therapy principle goes beyond that. It seeks to treat and root out the sources of the imbalances of the body. Accordingly, the shiatsu principle, which originated from eastern or oriental practices, can be safely used to prevent and treat at the same time. But the holistic approach of shiatsu massage is not only pressure-point per se, wherein your body receives pressure from the gentle touches that the massage specialist administers to you.

While it is a great alternative you can adopt if you only want to experience the goodness of acupuncture without the needle, it also intends to assist you with the healing process; meaning, you are given healthy advises on what to be included in your daily dietary habit, and more importantly, the thought and perception you have to make on your general lifestyle changes. After all, any treatment wouldn’t be successful if you do not change along with the nature that it is suggesting and promoting to you.

Both physical and psychological disorders are targets of the shiatsu method of pressing pressure points to various meridian points of the human body. With this technique, it is believed to take away and prevent from coming back several certain disorders like anxiety, depression, stiffness, nausea, arthritis, headaches, pulled muscles, cramps, and a lot other more. The proper administration of shiatsu massage therapy can very give you these benefits especially if you continue to believe in its power to do them and undergo these alternative practices.

Shiatsu massage, as the principal points it, is the unification of philosophical, spiritual, and medical facets of the body. The western techniques combine this with its view that the chi is circulating through meridian channels. When the chi is freely flowing, without obstacles and hindrances, the body is in the state of balance, meaning in a good condition. Meanwhile, if the flow is disrupted, an imbalance of energy is produced, so that it reflects to body and mind condition.

It is in this principle why shiatsu massage therapy is designer thousands of years ago to correct the imbalanced energy and correct it so that the body and mind are restored to their normal condition, without the disorders and illnesses.

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