Holistic Nursing School Offers Alternative Nursing Education

Holistic Nursing School Offers Alternative Nursing Education

A holistic nursing school focuses on teaching a unique approach to healthcare called holism, which concerns improving the overall health of the patient in addition to the treatment of the diagnosed illness or disease. The holistic approach addresses a patient’s well being as a whole – his physical, mental and emotional health.

In a holistic nursing school, traditional nursing theories and practice combine with alternative healthcare methods and natural healing to enhance a person’s overall well being. Holistic nursing students promote self-awareness and self-care, believing that each one of us should be responsible for our health.

A holistic nursing school trains a student to connect with their patients emotionally and mentally as they administer care and treatment. There is great emphasis on compassion and giving patients personal attention. Holistic nursing schools also cultivate spirituality in students through reflection and meditation that leads not only to individual awareness but also to awareness to other people, which is essential in the practice of holistic nursing.

A holistic nursing school teaches the theories of holistic nursing and gives students diverse training in alternative medicine, which includes massage, touch therapy, music therapies, aromatherapy, stress management, herbology, nutrition, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and other ancient healing techniques.

Education and training from a holistic nursing school open many opportunities in your nursing practice. Students that complete training from a holistic nursing school may become holistic nurses, holistic practitioners and counselors and may work in healthcare clinics and facilities, treatment centers, spas, health clubs, wellness centers or have their own private practice of holistic healthcare.

It used to be that holism is viewed by much skepticism but society has started to embrace holistic medicine and its benefits as more and more patients seek natural and non-invasive ways to prevent and treat disease. Many traditional doctors and nurses have attended holistic schools in order to deliver alternative approaches in caring and treating patients.

Many nursing schools offer certification programs in holistic nursing to practicing nurses or to nursing students. Some offer online programs and self-paced home study programs on holistic nursing. You can also check the Internet if there is a holistic nursing school in your state that operates separately from traditional nursing schools in universities or colleges.

The American Holistic Nurses’ Certification Corp. or AHNCC gives Holistic Nursing Certification, which requires a Baccalaureate Degree, one year of holistic nursing practice, and forty-eight hours of continuing education in the past two years. If you are ready to take the certification exam, contact AHNCC for the exam schedule and locations.

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