We all want a healthy and abundant life. Life will always have choices, and we always have the power to choose to learn. When you are open to learning the choices are easy and more positive. Knowledge is powerful! We all have 24 hrs. in a day and what we do with that time is a personal decision based on knowledge or values, real or perceived. It is human nature to be cautious, but too much caution causes difficulty and stress in making good decisions. Eating correctly and moderate exercise is part of a healthy life. We are what we put in our bodies. Eating healthy is just as expensive as not eating healthy and the rewards are endless. Just like a vehicle that has bad gas or oil, it doesn’t run efficiently. Your health should be at least as valuable as your financial situation. What value is wealth if you don’t have health and vitality to enjoy it. Surround yourself with positive people who enjoy good health and are active in their happiness. Negative people sabotage your goals. If someone really cares for you they will support your healthy lifestyle and decisions to be happy and healthy. Mind and bodywork together!
We are not born with self-discipline. It is developed over time through our life experiences. Discipline coincides with a positive experience. If your actions result in positive changes you will be more inclined to continue these actions. Repetition of actions is what develops habits, thus discipline. Self-discipline is also strengthened through accountability held by loved ones, a friend, or a mentor. Life is a series of ups and downs. We don’t always enjoy the duties required for the end result we are seeking. It is strange how these little actions or duties can initially seem too difficult or “no fun”, but later take on an uplifting emotion. This is because we come to recognize the most meaningful successes we have in life came from such actions. Being happy and successful in all areas of our lives requires discipline and actions that sometimes having us wanting to “give up and quit.” Those of us who continue to play the game are allowed the pleasures of earned rewards.
Very few of us have a natural-born instinct of confidence. This comes from continually taking action even when we are fearful. The actual definition for this is “courage.” As we continue to develop skills and bold steps, we become more confident and less fearful.
When we jump in regardless of fear, we begin to develop skills that ultimately lead to enjoyment and confidence. Then you get to enjoy abundance. As you grow in the art of wellness and good habits in all areas of your life, you too become very confident.

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