Natural energy boosters can help with energy levels but always remember even with “natural” supplements to speak to a trained professional before adding these supplements to your diet.  This will make sure they don’t interfere with any medication you may be taking. Blood work should also be done.

1. – ASHWAGANDHA – This is a herb used in Indias herbal medicine.  It is used to fight aging, promote vitality, enhance libido, and helps the body deal with stress.

2. – B-COMPLEX – This consists of eight vitamins with similar functions.  Niacin and folic acid are the most common known B’s.

3. –  CARNITINE – This is an amino acid or protein building block found in meat and dairy.  Carnitine moves the fatty acids into the   “power plants” that supply a cell’s energy and helps remove waste products for greater energy efficiency.

4.  COENZYME Q10 – This is a vitamin throughout the body. It is especially important for muscles. Fish and meat are the best sources. This is also depleted by taking statin medications.  This is required for energy production within the cell. It is especially important for the heart, which has high energy demands and a high COQ10 concentration.

5.  GINSENG – Two types are Red (Korean ginseng), and P.quinquefolius, or American Ginseng.  red is used to replenish life force; American ginseng is used to relieve fatigue, especially the rundown variety.

6. GREEN TEA – This is the world’s most popular beverage next to water.  Caffeine and other compounds supply tea’s stimulant properties. It may benefit circulatory health and reduce age-related dementia.

7.  GUARANA – This is a shrub found in Brazil. It is traditionally used by people in the Amazon rain forest to relieve fatigue and increase alertness.

8.  IRON – This is an essential mineral found in red meat brown rice, leafy greens, peanuts, and whole wheat.  Vitamin C promotes iron absorption from plant food.  Iron is required for the creation of hemoglobin, which allows the red blood cells to carry oxygen.

9. RHODIOLA – This is a herb grown in Siberia, Asia, and Europe.  It enhances performance, starves off fatigue and other stress effects. It helps revive depleted immune systems to protect against colds other ailments.

10. ROYAL JELLY/BEE POLLIN – Royal Jelly feeds the queen honeybee and larvae workers eat pollen gathered from flowers as the bees forage for nectar, which is used to make honey.  Bee pollen is packed with a lot of nutrients and royal jelly is a rich source of vitamin Bs, both used to increase energy output.

11.  SPIRULINA –  A blue-green algae used in energy shakes.  It is rich in protein, vitamins, and other nutrients; has shown an ability to boost immunity and protect the brain against age-related damage.

Always take only recommended amounts and check for medication interactions.

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