Simple Steps to Becoming Ageless

Can you control aging? Michele Drielick has made it her mission to change the way women age. She shares her positive and encouraging message that while getting older is merely the passage of time, aging is something all women can control with the right information. Michelle’s story of seeing her mother’s health declined in the last years of her life. What causes premature aging. Strategies to preserve your muscle mass.
Tips on how to age gracefully.
The first domino in the aging cascade flips on when we lose muscle. And we start losing muscle in our The more you yo-yo diet, the more muscle you lose. And when you start losing muscle, your metabolism starts slowing down.
Some staggering statistics suggest that up to 60% of women over 50 are not eating enough protein.
When you lose muscle, that sets the stage to lose collagen. And that sets the stage to lose bone.
When you sleep, that’s when your body does its healing and building and regenerating. That’s when you have the opportunity to heal your muscle and grow muscle. It’s better to make your own collagen than to take collagen.
Lack of grip strength is tied to all-cause mortality. That means that all things being equal, you will live a shorter lifespan if you are weak.
Action Steps:
1. Preserve your muscle mass.
2. Focus on whole foods and whole sources of protein.
3. Exercise or get movement into your day by engaging in various activities.                                                 4 4. Get enough sleep.
5. Get supplementation.
Michele said: “Little hinges swing big doors. When you focus on making the right changes, you can make a huge impact on health and longevity and the quality of your life as you age.” “The stronger you become, the better you live. And I dare say it, you live longer but you live better.” “No matter where you start, it’s never too late. You can actually reverse and rejuvenate your life.”

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