RULES THAT MAKE  YOU HUMAN….LIFE LESSONS gives you knowledge and lessons that you can apply to your life to help you live a fulfilling, happy and healthy.

1. You have a body and you may hate or like it.  This body is yours to take care of and nurture for as long as you live. Your quality of life depends on how you take care of this body you were given.

2. You are enrolled in a very informal school of life and you will learn lessons each and every day. You will be given opportunities that teach you what you need to know.  These lessons are often different than you think you need.

3. There are only lessons, no mistakes. Our growth in this life is a process of trial and error and experimentation. You may learn more from failure than you do from success.

4. The same lesson will be presented to you in all different forms until you learn it. Repetition is how we learn. When each lesson is learned, which is evident in your change of attitude and ultimately your behavior, you move onto the next lesson.

5. Every stage of life contains some lessons. Learning life
lessons never ends. You will learn as long as you are living.

6. Do not be tricked into believing that the things that are unattainable are better than what you have. There is no better “here” than “there”. There will always be another “there” that looks better than “here”. Examine the “here”, it may just look better.

7. Sometimes we “love” or “hate” another person because it is a reflection of what we “love” or “hate” about ourselves. Others can be mirrors of you. Ask yourself why you feel so strongly about the situation when you are tempted criticize others.

8. What you make of your life is up to you. We are given the tools and resources to create our life. It is how we choose to use those tools and resources to create the life we are living.

9. We have solutions to all of our lives problems within our grasp. They lye inside you. We just need to ask, look, listen, trust, and believe in yourself.

10. As human beings we have to be consistent and focused on your goals that you have set. Repetition forms a habit that is either positive to our goals or sabotages them. Always tell yourself what you WANT, never what you DON’T WANT and you are programming yourself for a abundant life.


DID – a word of achievement.
WON’T – a word of retreat.
MIGHT – a word of bereavement.
CAN’T – a word of defeat.
OUGHT – a word of duty.
TRY – a word of each minute.
WILL – a word of beauty
CAN – is a word of POWER!

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