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Wise Decisions During Uncertain Times

How to make wise decisions during uncertain times.

This is a time of hard choices in uncertain times...

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Self-Administer Placebo Effects

Someone asked me today about my thoughts about the mystery of the placebo effect, which I wrote about at length in Mind Over Medicine and which scientists do not understand but have theories about. I thought some of you might be interested in what I wrote. In the original version of Mind Over Medicine, I defined the placebo effect as a combination of positive belief and the nurturing care of someone in a position of authority who we have been conditioned to respond to with better health. My point of view about placebos has changed over the years, and I’ve updated my thoughts in the new revised Mind Over Medicine.

I used to think it was that simple—positive belief + nurturing care—but now I think the placebo effect has much less to do with sugar pills or even positive belief and far mo...

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REVISED Mind Over Medicine Book

When I decided to rewrite 2/3 of my classic bestseller Mind Over Medicine a year ago so I could update much of the science, add nNEW REVISED Mind Over Medicine, I had no idea that I would give birth to this REVISED Mind Over Medicine in the middle of a pandemic, economic collapse, and Black Lives Matter protests. The chaos of our world, especially amidst the trifecta of personal and public health risks of Covid-19, racism, and widespread poverty, makes this book full of medicine more timely than ever. NEW REVISED Mind Over Medicine.

If you’ve already purchased the original Mind Over Medicine and are uncertain whether it’s worth buying it again, the following preface to the new revised edition explains how this version is different and why it might be worth buying it again...

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