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Safe Travel Tips After COVID-19

Safe Travel Tips After COVID – 19

Staying safe after COVID-19 while sheltering in place may be dull. It is, however, safer than traveling. To have a better chance of arriving safely, staying healthy, and getting home in good health, consider the tips listed below.

1) Mask

To travel, invest in disposable masks that you can easily loop around your ears. Pull your hair back to avoid having to fight your hair to get the mask in place. Breathe down over your chin to avoid fogging up your glasses. Loop the mask over your ears and leave it there. If you must remove it, handle it by the ear loops and stash it in a Ziploc bag for discarding. Put on a fresh one if you have to take it off.

2) Disinfect

Carry disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer in your carry-on...

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