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Germ+Terrain Theory = Saving Lives

In light of the pandemic, I hear a lot of people these days talking about “germ theory” and “terrain theory”.  In short, germ theory focuses on infectious agents—bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites (because of good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate sleep, a low trauma burden, a low-stress lifestyle, a strong immune system) will fight off almost every infectious agent, becoming resilient. As they say, “Your fish is sick. Germ theory: isolate or vaccinate the fish. Terrain theory: clean the tank.”

Here’s the rub. Most who debate germ theory versus terrain theory seem to be unduly polarized and unnecessarily heavy on one side or the other...

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Coronavirus Prevention With The Whole Health Green Juice Cleanse

In the face of a pandemic, we need more than just Outer Shield methods of prevention, such as lockdown, social distancing, and masks. Now more than ever, the importance of bolstering your Inner Shield so your body can be resilient in the face of this virus should you get exposed. (I wrote about lots of practical tips for bolstering your Inner Shield here.) While some Inner Shield methods take time, such as improving your physical fitness through workouts or treating unhealed trauma, some—such as doing a three-week green juice cleanse to detoxify your body and bolus it with immune-boosting superfoods, can be implemented quickly, with dramatic results.

In order to help those in our community who feel ready to embark upon a green juice cleanse with the support of a group of people doing a...

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Develop COVID-19 Resilience

In “Prepare For Reopening,” I described why you’re not a helpless victim of a potential viral attack but empowered patients who can be very proactive about preparing your body, mind, heart, and soul for the risks of reopening, whenever that happens in your community. In “You Need More Than Mental Intelligence To Get Through A Pandemic,” I offered a primer for learning to rely upon not just your smart brain, but also your other three Whole Health Intelligence—your intuitive intelligence, your emotional intelligence, and your somatic intelligence. In today’s blog, we’ll be focusing on some practical resources to help you build your Inner Shield as the Outer Shields of lockdown begin to loosen.

As reopening unfolds, you will be free to make your individual choice about wheth...

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