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Tips for Having a Healthy Relationship With Food

Do you have a healthy relationship with food?

According to the National Eating Disorder Association, three questions can evaluate if you have an unhealthy relationship with food. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do you have harsh rules about food? Specifically, are you locking yourself into a strict regimen about when you can eat, what you can eat; or, how much you can eat?
  2. When you eat, do you feel guilty?
  3. Do you binge foods?

When considering your diet, you can now begin to veer away from the emotional edge. As written in the online magazine U.S. News, four basic tips can assist in having a healthy relationship with food.


Labeling foods, as good or bad, comes from placing rigid rules on your diet. Try not to give food moral qualities...

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5 Healthy Benefits of Hydrotherapy

The therapeutic power of water dates back to ancient times. Traditional medicine practices used water therapy for a range of diseases. Hydrotherapy utilizes water to relieve discomfort, pain, and improve physical well-being. For a calm and soothing effect, go for warm water hydrotherapy to improve your body’s internal activity through cold water hydrotherapy.

Therapists also alternate between warm and cold-water treatments to health injuries, reduce inflammations, and enhance various body functions. Water therapy encompasses an array of treatments, including thermal baths, steam rooms, hydrotherapy pools, and water circuits. Enjoy the many health benefits of hydrotherapy the next time you visit a spa.

Relieve Pain and Reduce Muscle Tension

The weightlessness experienced when underwate...

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6 Symptoms Of Hormone Imbalance

Some symptoms can be used as telltale signs of a hormonal imbalance within the body. A hormonal imbalance means that you have too much or too little of a particular hormone. Hormones are molecules produced in the endocrine system and circulate within the bloodstream, directing various body tissues and organs. They play a role in many vital body functions.

Four significant symptoms can help to indicate whether your hormones are actually out of sync. These include:


Hormone imbalance has been seen as a cause as well as an effect. Perimenopausal and menopausal stages are known to cause hormonal imbalances, which can lead to a lack of sleep. Sleeplessness, in turn, worsens the very hormone imbalance. Insomnia has got both hormonal and non-hormonal causes. These are:

  • Persistent Stress
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Root Cause of Your Fatigue

Why You Should Get to the Root Cause of Your Fatigue

You Should Get to the Root Cause of Your Fatigue all had those weeks where we simply don’t feel like doing anything. However, if this occurs for an extended period of time, it’s the sign of a bigger problem. Let’s take a look at why you should get to the root cause of your fatigue.

Long term health

Identifying the source of your fatigue is important for your long term health. Although it’s not a big deal if you are tired on the weekend when you don’t have much going on, it doesn’t bode well for the future. Fatigue now can mean serious health problems down the road. This is a snowball effect that only gets worse and worse.

Physical and mental fatigue

Physical fatigue means that it’s difficult to perform daily physical tasks...

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Root Cause of Lingering Symptoms

The Importance of Getting to the Root Cause of Lingering Symptoms

Your body goes through several changes throughout your lifetime. Most of these changes are common and normal, but there are times when your body may go through changes that are not healthy. Your body can feel like your best friend, and at times it can feel like an enemy. Even though you have no control over what will happen to your body as you age, you do well to listen to your body when it gives you clues. Even though you may not know it, your body does talk to you. Your body lets you know when something is wrong, but you have to take action when your body talks to you.

What Your Body Says

Your body will let you know when it needs vitamins, exercise, water, or food...

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