Panic attacks can be scary and often send the people who have them to the emergency room. Some can even feel like they are having a heart attack. There are ways you can help yourself calm down and lessen the feelings of panic and take the “Panic” out of the panic attack.

First of all, remember that even though your feelings and symptoms are frighting they are not dangerous. No one has ever died from a panic attack. The feelings cant be “wished” away and the more you fight them the worse they can get.  It is the ultimate “fight or flight” response.  Never make it worse by thinking about what “might” happen.  Always tell yourself what you “want”, never what you “don’t want”!  Example.. “I am calm, comfortable and in control. Just relax, relax, I can do it!!” Always stay in the present instead of worrying how much worse it might get.

Label your level from zero to ten and watch how your thoughts can make it go up and down. Purchasing a biofeedback machine can help you with this. Notice how the panic doesn’t stay at a very high level for more than a few seconds.  When you find yourself thinking about fear, change your thinking instantly, and maybe focus on and perform some simple task. Your “conscious” mind CANNOT think of two things at exactly the same time, it can switch thoughts instantly so use that to your advantage. When you stop thinking about the fear and panic the body responds and the physical anxiety begins to fade. Repeating this method each time you begin to feel anxious will eventually reprogram your subconscious mind to respond differently to whatever is causing the panic.

Keep using these techniques and be proud of the progress you make. Think about how good you will feel when the anxiety is gone and YOU are in control and at peace. If you need further help hypnotherapy is very successful in helping with anxiety and panic.


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