Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a “Happy Habit” and only recall happy memories? What you remember affects how you are now. Brain research shows that the same areas of the brain are used when we strongly recall somethings when we experience it.

So when recalling a time when you were upset or terrified can produce those feeling again and again and affect your body.  If this happens often enough the computer part of your mind, the unconscious can make it permanent programming, or habit. Habits are repetitive actions, thoughts, or feelings that are automatic.  Conversely, strongly recalling when you felt fantastic or super relaxed will give you positive beneficial feelings again.  Remembering good times on a regular basis is good for you and gets you in the “happy” habit for a happier life.

Some believe we should just “live in the moment”.  It’s important to recognize how to leave the past behind us and sometimes just be spontaneous.  We also need to review the past “occasionally” to ensure we avoid past mistakes, remember what you enjoy you can do more of it in the future and simply feel good.

So how do you get into the “happy habit”?  Thinking good memories for just 20 minutes a day can make you more cheerful than the week before, and happier than if you think about your current life. Positive reminiscing is a positive mood booster.  People who recall and then write down happy memories are more happy and cheerful after doing that then those who write everyday experiences.  Research also shows that people who write about positive “past” experiences have higher self-esteem and more positive feelings about friendships and close relationships.

Recalling memories in depth is even more powerful than writing them. Studies have found people who wrote down favorite memories or looked at favorite photos felt much better afterward but not as good as those who just replayed the memories in their heads.  The opposite is true for bad memories… writing them down makes you feel better but dwelling on them makes people feel worse.

A powerful way to reconnect with past positive events and the positive feelings they bring is using Hypnosis.  If given a recording and you listen to it often enough, you will feel great and better about your present and your future.



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