The Wide Holistic Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

The Wide Holistic Benefits Of Shiatsu Massage

Using the application of pressure and power of a touch, shiatsu massage became popular and widely patronized by different people all around the world to get the benefits it was believed to provide as far as medical, mental, and spiritual well being is concerned.

If by chance you still don’t have any idea what shiatsu is, it is the massage technique that Chinese medicine has been practicing and utilizing the meridian healing system since 2000 years ago to provide health and wellness benefits to the people.

.The chi, which is the energy found in the body, needs to flow freely along the meridians of the body in order to achieve proper balance.

There are fourteen meridians found in the body, twelve of which are used as channels or passageways for the healing. The liver, kidney, stomach, bladder, spleen, gall bladder, small and large intestines, the pericardium, body temperature regulator, and the heart are some consisting of the twelve meridians associated to body organs that serve as a passage for the chi to flow to balance out the body.

Shiatsu massage is not only beneficial in improving the health condition of the above body organs but likewise to other illnesses such as tension, stress, and even aches resulting from long term repetitive motions such as the arm using for writing, typing on the keyboard, and computer mouse.

Specifically, the therapy is known to treat various disorders including:
– headaches, migraines
– back pain, back problems, and stiff/frozen shoulders
– sciatica nerve pains
– whiplash injuries
– carpal tunnel
– abdominal pain, gastrointestinal disorders, and joint pain
– tennis elbow, herniated or bulging discs
– dizziness, weakness, and vertigo
– muscle pain disorders
– anxiety disorders, fatigue, and stress

Additionally, it is also known to prevent progression, if not to treat, the long list of health disorders. It includes:
– providing complete relaxation
– reducing overall anxiety and stress
– improving blood circulation and preventing diseases
– getting rid of body toxins and waste
– increasing mental, spiritual, and mental well-being
– increasing flexibility and mobility of the body
– balancing the menstrual cycles of the women
– increasing sexual exuberance
– clearing the mind
– relaxing the musculoskeletal in the body structure

The explanation for the improvement and treatment provided by shiatsu massage therapy is when the body becomes imbalanced the immune system tends to become weak and consequently vulnerable enough to easily contract diseases.

If the body shows loss of energy, it experiences weakening, meaning the organs in the body are not functioning well while the body tissues are slowly failing. The shiatsu principle, it shows that the energy, chi, is already losing its capabilities as well to freely flow.

The aim of the shiatsu massage now is to restore that chi so that everything will follow suit until all the body organs are able to function better again. The technique that the massage therapist uses boosts the immune system so that the body is freed of the negative conditions.

It is amazing that the shiatsu massage technique only uses pressure methods applied by the fingers, palm, thumbs, and sometimes by the elbow, knees, and feet, but it is all about the amount of pressure administered into the pressure points of the body. The amount of pressure releases the hindered energy so that your overall well being improves significantly.

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